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Wisdom Teeth Removal in NE Calgary

The last set of molars to appear in the mouth, wisdom teeth normally come in after adolescence, and it’s common for them to cause issues. Sometimes there is no room in the jaw left for them to emerge, which can lead to pain and soreness as well as “impaction”, in which the wisdom teeth become stuck in the jaw and potentially damage the teeth around them.

Wisdom Teeth Closeup

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Wisdom teeth extraction is done under sedation, and requires a few days’ recovery (although some people recover even sooner). Once the teeth are removed, we will send you home with instructions for ongoing care and follow up with you later. Pain and soreness is normal, and most people have no complications. If something unexpected does happen, we’re always just a phone call away.

Don’t live with pain and soreness in your jaw, or allow your impacted wisdom teeth to damage the healthy teeth around them. Call NE Calgary’s Chan Chang Boruah Dentistry and we’ll help you with our skilled extractions. Now that’s really wise!