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Endodontics in NE Calgary

Many people get nervous when they hear the term “root canal”, but in reality, modern advances in treatment mean this common procedure is easier than ever. The word “endodontic” refers to the treatment of the interior of the tooth, in the tissue and nerves called the pulp. When a deep cavity intrudes into the pulp, the bacteria gets inside and causes infection and decay, and requires a root canal to treat it.


How does root canal treatment work?

After administering anaesthetic, the dentist will gain access to the interior of the tooth with a drill. The dentist then removes the affected pulp with special tools, and sanitizes the interior. Depending on the individual case, the dentist may either finish with a filling or put in a temporary filling and recommend a crown to support the remaining tooth structure.

Aren’t root canals painful?

No more than an ordinary filling! There’s no need to be nervous of a root canal. With anaesthetic and modern treatment tools and procedures, most people find the process close to painless and recover quickly.

If you are experiencing pain in a tooth or suspect you have a filling or infection, don’t hesitate and risk your oral health. Call NE Calgary’s Chan Chang Boruah today and we’ll fix you up!